Lauren Rackley


Major:  English

Interests:  Women’s reading experience, Women’s writing, American literature

Hometown:  Biloxi, Mississippi

Biography:  Lauren joined the Lazarus Project in the spring of 2013 after taking a class on the history of the book and the philosophy of language.  She travelled to the Folger Library in the Spring of 2013 to image manuscripts from the 15th and 16th century that had illegible ownership marks.  Lauren will be traveling to the Folger Library again in the Spring of 2014 to do a women’s provenance study on manuscripts from the Renaissance.  She is working to further understand women’s reading experience during the Renaissance and to understand the significance of what women were actually reading during this time.  Lauren will pursue a masters and PhD in English after completing her undergraduate studies.  After obtaining a PhD, Lauren hopes to continue researching and teaching as a college professor.