Helen Davies

Helen Davies
Helen presenting at the University of Florida on the Vercelli Mappa Mundi

Research Interests: Medieval Manuscripts, Digital Manuscripts, Digital Archives and Editions, Early Medieval Literature, Digital Imaging, Manuscripts,  Anglo-Saxon England, Material Culture, Old Irish, Anglo-Saxon, Middle Welsh, Latin, Old Norse Languages and Literatures

Education: B.A. in History and Classical Civilization with minors in Medieval Studies, Latin, Anthropology from Loyola University Chicago; M.A. in Medieval Studies from the University of York; M.A. in Digital Humanities from Loyola University Chicago;  2 years of a Ph.D. in English from the University of Mississippi (before transferring); Ph.D. in English from the University of Rochester (in progress)

Background: Originally from Cincinnati, OH, Helen Davies’s interest in digital imaging began while earning her M.A. in Medieval Studies at the University of York.This interest expanded into the wider issue of how to interact with medieval manuscripts in a digital realm while volunteering with Xavier University and subsequently completing her M.A. in Digital Humanities. Helen began her association with the Lazarus Project by creating this website in 2013, the year before beginning her Ph.D. at the University of Mississippi. During the

Projects and Involvement: As a graduate student with an interest in digital imaging and manuscripts, Helen enjoys working on as many aspects of the Lazarus Project. She maintains the Lazarus Project Website, and currently she focuses on the Vercelli Mappa Mundi recently imaged by the Lazarus Project. She is working on cleaning up the images and implementing a digital display which she designed for the map. The Vercelli Mappa Mundi will form a cornerstone of her dissertation focusing on space and place in medieval texts.