Eleanor Anthony


Majors: Philosophy, Mathematics, minor in Computer Science

Interests: Ethical Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Aesthetics, Correlation Recognition, Spectral Imaging, Travel, Reading, Writing, Photography

Hometown: Jackson, MS

Biography: I was fortunate enough to become involved with the Lazarus Project after hearing about Gregory Heyworth’s work and attending an informational meeting regarding his research in spectral imaging and textual science. I realized very quickly that the work would be course-altering for me, and since then, my experience with the team has proved to be nothing less. I grew intensely interested in damaged manuscript analysis, as well as spectral imaging, after traveling to Vercelli, Italy in March 2013 to spectrally image the Vercelli Book. The research trip and the subsequent image processing have proven to be invaluable experiences, ones which have significantly directed my academic trajectory and future plans. As of now, I intend to pursue graduate-level studies in Digital Humanities, with the hopes of eventually working in academia or museums, possibly in the field of imaging science.