Caleb Ezell

Major: Biochemistry and Philosophy w/ minor in Neuroscience

Interest: Philosophical Reading and Writing, Playing Soccer for the Ole Miss Men’s team, Conducting Research in My Field, Improving My Spanish Skills, and Keeping Up with College Sports.

Hometown: Petal, MS

Biography: I joined the Lazarus Project after participating in Dr. Heyworth’s ENG 399 – Text, Imaging, and Technology course at Ole Miss during the Spring 2013 semester. During that semester, I was able to travel to Washington D.C. to image various manuscripts (and even a couple of potential Picasso collages) at the Folger Shakespeare Library. From working with the collages and their representative there, my biochemistry background led me to organize a team capable of performing various chemical analysis on the collages here on Ole Miss’s campus over the summer in hopes of strengthening their provenance even further.  My fall semester of 2013 was spent developing my skills of imaging processing using ENVI software, so that the team may have more members capable of processing; thus increasing our turnover rate for imaged manuscripts.  As for my academic path, the Lazarus Project has been an auxiliary project in which I participate solely out of pure interest and intrigue. Long term, I plan to attend medical school and specialize in neurology.  As stem cells become more commonplace and less stigmatized, I hope to one day incorporate them into my practice and shift myself into a regenerative neurology specialty.