Students at the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College engage in hands-on work with ancient and modern manuscripts with experts in a variety of fields. In addition, students travel to many national and international libraries, collections, and archives to develop and hone invaluable skills that further interests in their respective disciplines, from biochemistry to English literature. One of the Lazarus Project’s primary aims is to involve students from an array of areas in Textual Science. By working alongside top scholarly authorities, students receive unparalleled advice and mentoring for their present and future endeavors.

SMBHC students learn skills ranging from GIS and paleography to digitization and spectral image processing. Recently through the Lazarus Project, their work has benefited cultural restoration and research in Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Elanor Anthony

Meredith Oliver

Lauren Rackley

Elizabeth Wicks

Caleb Ezell

Steven Mockler

William Boyles

Graduate Students from the English Department at the University of MississippiĀ assist the board and consultants on specific projects. These graduate students work with the undergraduate students processing images as well as developing specific projects with the Lazarus Project’s digital objects. They utilize skills in paleography, digitization, spectral image processing, Latin, Old English, and web technologies.

Helen Davies

Brian Cook

Ahmed Seif.

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