DSC_5687The Lazarus Project contributors are divided into three tiers:

The Board of Directors – governs and directs the project. The board consists of Dr. Gregory Heyworth, Dr. Roger Easton Jr., Ken Boydston, Michael Phelps, Chet Van Duzer and Dale Stewart .

Consultants –  advise the board on areas of specific expertise. The consultants for this project are Ilya Dines, Joe Barabe, D’Arcy Jonathan Boulton, Adrian Wisnicki, Kirk Zavieh, Ira Rabin, and Damianos Kasotakis, .

Graduate Students – from the English Department at the University of Mississippi assist the board and consultants on specific projects. The graduate students are Helen Davies, Brian Cook, Alexander Zawacki and Katie Albers.

Students – from the Sally McDonnell Honors College assist the board and consultants on specific projects. The students involved with the Lazarus Project are Elanor Anthony, Meredith Oliver, Lauren Rackley, Elizabeth Wicks, Caleb Ezell, Steven Mockler, and William Boyles.DSC_4290


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